What's For Pudding
David Tristram
24 - 26 Jun 2015
Kevin and Sandra Stone

New Direction, a selection of three, one-act plays by the Jubilee Players, was an opportunity for three people to take on the task of directing a play for the first time, a bold move.

As the evening developed and each play unfolded it was obvious that the cast had another success to add to their long list. The three plays were all different although they were all observations of human nature. The set needed only small alterations for each play.

The first play concerned three women who met in a small hotel and through general conversation found that their lives had been centred on the same man. What Brutes Men Are showed that they had all been manipulated, Janet (Rosalind Chamberlin) as the long-suffering first wife, discarded in favour of Carol (Sue Brooks), the new love interest and Linda (Libby Henshaw), the mother of Godfrey. The three women finally close ranks against the man.

The second play, Say Something Happened. took place in the home of an elderly couple. They are visited by a young and enthusiastic, eager to do everything correctly by the book, social work student, who, it materialises, has little more to offer than a card to be placed in their window with the word HELP should they be in trouble.

The third and last play What's for Pudding had the audience roaring with laughter, observing the antics of two couples. Jack (Ray Tempesta) and Mary (Hannah Brodie) who join Maureen (Michelle Jay) and Ted (Neil Sumser-Lupson) in their living room. This modern quartet are joined by ageing neighbour Dennis (Neil Phillips), who doesn't help with aggravation between the two couples.

All credit goes to Sue Brooks who stepped into the role of Carol in What Brutes Men Are, only a few days before the plays were performed. She created a creditable performance.

A very interesting evening and a joy to watch. Well done Jubilee Players.

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