Robinson Crusoe
Jim Sperinck
23 - 26 Feb 2011
P G Collins

Due to family commitments it has been four years since I was in the audience watching a celebrated Jubilee Players Pantomime. As soon as the curtains opened I realised the reputation they have deservedly earned over the years for excellent scenery & costumes had not diminished. Director Jane Risebrow brought together a cast made up of long serving members as well new youthful ones whose exuberance in the chorus set the mood perfectly. Matthew Nobbs was the very epitome of what a Dame should be. Rebecca Chamberlin was clearly enjoying her role as the Principle boy as was the Principle Girl, Sarah Brear whose performances go from strength to strength. ‘Soppy Cedric’, James Groves, balanced the principle trio very well. There always has to be a villain of course and they don’t come any more villainous than  Captain Hook-Long John Silver-Morgan oh yes, just the one!, excellently played by Neil Phillips who’s ‘talking parrot’ was constantly trying to upstage himself. His side kick Mr Mate played by Hannah Groves who’s comic timing and dopey expressions were first class.

With the title ‘Robinson Crusoe’ there had to be a ship wreck and instead of a King Neptune there was a Queen Neptune, played by Sue Phillips and whose excellent performance was very ably assisted by Freya Sumser-Lupson, a confident young performer who is one to look out for in the future. There also had of course to be a Man Friday ‘colourfully’ played by Steve Penwill. As were the two warriors Graham Brackenbury and Neil Sumer-Lupson.

Although we did not get to see his face (till the walk down) the scary ‘Olly the Octopus’ was played by another youngster to look out for in the future Edward Nobbs.
The ever popular Michael Blackburn was given a warm reception as King Rumble Tum, and his walk down suit was umm….. special.

The more mature members of the chorus Sue Blackburn Sue Brodie Sue Brooks played many parts very well I would also like to mention the younger members of the chorus Lucy Riseborough, Lily Pace, Georgina Nobbs, Leah-Rose Crabb, Holly Chamberlin, Abbie Chamberlin, Gabrielle Forrest and Charlotte Sayer they were all excellent I look forward to seeing them again some time in the future. The music was professional delivered by Cathy Al-Bay as were the lights John Lintern and Chris Forrest and sound Glen Amber.

Rosalind Chamberlin not only played Baroness Bossalot with conviction and while only a small role it set the plot and tied up the loose ends by the final curtain. But when you count the number of behind the scene jobs she was also involved with, choreography, children chaperone, scenery design & painting, publicity and programme production it’s amazing she had time to fit it all in. In addition I counted thirty four other people who had a hand in making it all happen behind the scenes. Unfortunately there is not room here to mention them individually but without them there could not have been such a successful show, congratulations to one and all.