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Brian Lloyd
  Dick Turpin Feb 00 DIRECTOR
  Dreamjobs Oct 99 DIRECTOR
  Dreamjobs Sep 99 DIRECTOR
  Goldilocks And The Three Bears Feb 98 DIRECTOR
  Ladies In Retirement Jul 98 DIRECTOR
  Little Jack Horner Feb 93 DIRECTOR
  Miss Muffett Feb 05 DIRECTOR
  Mother Goose Feb 91 DIRECTOR
  Now And Then Jul 86 DIRECTOR
  Puss In Boots Feb 95 DIRECTOR
  See If I Care May 97 DIRECTOR
  See If I Care (A Seat In The Park) Oct 97 DIRECTOR
  Sing A Song Of Sixpence Feb 89 DIRECTOR
  Sleeping Beauty Feb 07 DIRECTOR
  Teeth Oct 09 DIRECTOR
  Under The Twelfth Sign Oct 95 DIRECTOR
Carl Denis
  Darlings You Were Wonderful Jul 06 DIRECTOR
Carol White
  After The Picnic Jul 90 DIRECTOR
  Hiss the Villain! or Foiled and Counterfoiled Oct 98 DIRECTOR
  Jaspers Oct 88 DIRECTOR
  Living Together Jul 88 DIRECTOR
  Now And Then Jul 86 DIRECTOR
  Round And Round The Garden Jul 85 DIRECTOR
  The Man In The Bowler Hat Sep 87 DIRECTOR
  Unhand Me, Squire Oct 99 DIRECTOR
Colin Prentice
  Cinders, The True Story Feb 12 DIRECTOR
  Impasse Oct 97 DIRECTOR
  Impasse Jun 96 DIRECTOR
  St James Troupers Oct 97 DIRECTOR
  The Fat Lady Sings In Little Grimley Oct 11 DIRECTOR
Cynthia Hitchcock
  The Hitman Jul 93 DIRECTOR
  The Hitman Jul 93 DIRECTOR
Gay Lloyd
  A Tomb With A View Jun 91 DIRECTOR
  Dear Octopus Oct 93 DIRECTOR
  Easy Stages Oct 10 DIRECTOR
  Gaslight Jul 97 DIRECTOR
  Hay Fever Oct 12 DIRECTOR
  Hell And High Water Jul 90 DIRECTOR
  How The Other Half Loves Jul 04 DIRECTOR
  Kids Jul 00 DIRECTOR
  Let's Kill Agatha Christie Oct 06 DIRECTOR
  Mother Figure Jul 02 DIRECTOR
  Murdered To Death Oct 13 DIRECTOR
  My Sister Sadie Jul 05 DIRECTOR
  Out Of Focus Jul 99 DIRECTOR
  Seasons Greetings Oct 03 DIRECTOR
  See How They Run Jun 09 DIRECTOR
  The Windslow Boy Jul 96 DIRECTOR
  Trelawny Of The "Wells" Jul 94 DIRECTOR
  Trelawny Of The "Wells" May 92 DIRECTOR
  Two And Two Together Jul 07 DIRECTOR
  Uncle Jasper Oct 95 DIRECTOR
  Who Calls? Jul 08 DIRECTOR
Graham Brakenbury
  What Brutes Men Are Jun 15 DIRECTOR
Hazel Grimsdale
  Nymphs And Shepherds Sep 87 DIRECTOR
  Shelter Jul 93 DIRECTOR
  Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Feb 90 DIRECTOR
  The Sleeping Beauty Feb 87 DIRECTOR
  Unhand Me, Squire Jul 89 DIRECTOR
Jackie Church
  Little Red Riding Hood Feb 86 DIRECTOR
  Now And Then Jul 86 DIRECTOR
Jane Risebrow
  Dick Whittington And His Cat Feb 15 DIRECTOR
  Robinson Crusoe Feb 11 DIRECTOR
  The Twelve Pound Look Jul 00 DIRECTOR
Janie Foulkes
  Now And Then Jul 86 DIRECTOR
John Grimsdale
  Humpty Dumpty Feb 88 DIRECTOR
  Jack And The Broad Bean Stalk Feb 85 DIRECTOR
  Little Red Riding Hood Feb 86 DIRECTOR
  Peter Pan Feb 92 DIRECTOR
  The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery Oct 96 DIRECTOR
  The Tricolour Suite Sep 87 DIRECTOR
June Bayliss
  Jaspers Oct 88 DIRECTOR
Libby Henshaw
  A Chip In The Sugar Oct 05 DIRECTOR
  Habeas Corpus Oct 07 DIRECTOR
  Her Big Chance Oct 05 DIRECTOR
  Jack And The Beanstalk Feb 02 DIRECTOR
  Key For Two Oct 00 DIRECTOR
  Ladies Of Spirit Oct 02 DIRECTOR
  Living With Lady Macbeth Oct 98 DIRECTOR
  Living With Lady Macbeth Oct 98 DIRECTOR
  Night Must Fall Jun 16 DIRECTOR
  Out Of Focus Oct 19 DIRECTOR
  Outside Edge Oct 94 DIRECTOR
  Round The World With Class Six Oct 09 DIRECTOR
  Soldiering On Oct 05 DIRECTOR
  Talk In The Park Jul 02 DIRECTOR
  World Premiere Oct 10 DIRECTOR
Margot Miller
  Decline And Fall May 94 DIRECTOR
Matthew Nobbs
  Round The World With Class Six Oct 09 DIRECTOR
  The Deterrent Oct 11 DIRECTOR
  They Came To A City Jul 95 DIRECTOR
Neil Phillips
  Aladdin Feb 94 DIRECTOR
  Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves Feb 06 DIRECTOR
  Babes In The Wood Feb 04 DIRECTOR
  Blue Suede Blues Jul 06 DIRECTOR
  Busybody Jul 92 DIRECTOR
  Calendar Girls Jun 13 DIRECTOR
  Cinderella Feb 99 DIRECTOR
  Day of Reckoning Oct 15 DIRECTOR
  Drinking Companion Jul 02 DIRECTOR
  Gosforth's Fete Jul 02 DIRECTOR
  In The Doghouse Oct 95 DIRECTOR
  In The Doghouse Jun 95 DIRECTOR
  Jack and Jill Feb 08 DIRECTOR
  Jump Off May 90 DIRECTOR
  Jump Off Jul 90 DIRECTOR
  King Arthur Feb 03 DIRECTOR
  Last Tango In Little Grimley Oct 10 DIRECTOR
  Little Red Riding Hood Feb 01 DIRECTOR
  Old King Cole Feb 14 DIRECTOR
  Panto at the OK Corral Feb 09 DIRECTOR
  Sandcastles On The Beach Oct 99 DIRECTOR
  Sinbad The Sailor Feb 97 DIRECTOR
  The Anniversary Oct 04 DIRECTOR
  Third Week In August Oct 14 DIRECTOR
  Tom The Piper's Son Feb 96 DIRECTOR
  Where There's A Will... Jun 12 DIRECTOR
Paul Skippings
  Over My Dead Body Oct 16 DIRECTOR
  What's For Pudding Jun 15 DIRECTOR
Ray Tempesta
  Say Something Happened Jun 15 DIRECTOR
Rosalind Chamberlin
  Alice In Wonderland Feb 13 DIRECTOR
  Costa del Packet Jul 03 DIRECTOR
  Dial M For Murder Oct 18 DIRECTOR
  Erica And Me Oct 09 DIRECTOR
  Holmes Sweet Holmes Jul 08 DIRECTOR
  Humpty Dumpty Feb 16 DIRECTOR
  Little Benjamin Jul 00 DIRECTOR
  Murder In Play Feb 17 DIRECTOR
  Murder Play Jul 03 DIRECTOR
  My Cousin Rachel Jun 11 DIRECTOR
  Steel Magnolias Jun 10 DIRECTOR
  The Ladykillers Jun 14 DIRECTOR
  The Patio Window Jul 06 DIRECTOR
Sue Blackburn
  Dancers Jul 03 DIRECTOR
  Early Blight Jul 03 DIRECTOR
Sue Brooks
  Fisherman's Friend Jul 08 DIRECTOR
  Heads You Lose Oct 11 DIRECTOR
Sue Taylor
  Jaspers Oct 88 DIRECTOR
Wizz Upshaw
  Husbands Supplied Jul 93 DIRECTOR