Alice In Wonderland
Limelight Scripts
20 - 23 Feb 2013
Rosalind Chamberlin
Alice Alice Skippings
White Rabbit Gabrielle Forrest
The Joker Hannah Groves
Dame Millicent Milksop Neil Phillips
Knave Of Spades Paul Skippings
Tweedle Dum Graham Brakenbury
Tweedle Dee Jane Risebrow
Queen Of Hearts Rebecca Chamberlin
King Of Hearts Neil Sumser-Lupson
Princess Of Hearts Holly Chamberlin
Prince Of Diamonds Cassie Mason
The Wizard Brian Lloyd
The Cheshire Cat Georgina Nobbs
Caterpillar Rebecca Duncan
Mad Hatter Sue Brooks
March Hare Abbie Chamberlin
Dormouse Freya Sumser-Lupson
Sergeant Edward Nobbs
Soldier Freya Sumser-Lupson
Soldier Leah-Rose Crabb
Soldier Niamh Osborne
Soldier Hermione Osborne
Chorus Sue Blackburn
Chorus Sue Brodie
Chorus Sue Phillips
Chorus Sue Brooks
Chorus Mike Blackburn
Chorus Georgina Nobbs
Chorus Freya Utting
Chorus Ciara Cogley
Chorus Edward Nobbs
Chorus Freya Sumser-Lupson
Chorus Leah-Rose Crabb
Chorus Abbie Chamberlin
Chorus Rebecca Duncan
Chorus Niamh Osborne
Chorus Hermione Osborne